Our journey

Our story began in 2021 in a little makeshift shop, where we made our first sale - a set of versatile silk scrunchies. We started on a pretty rough terrain, and our challenges seemed to surpass our efforts, but with a clear vision and unrelenting determination, we made it happen!

Today, we have sold more than just a pair of scrunchies; we have expanded our frontiers to reach more women bringing them a beauty solution that will seamlessly transform their hair, skin and sleep health forever.

Our company

We are an innovative women-owned american-based silk company dedicatedly serving women within and outside the United States.


Our vision is to preserve the authenticity and quality of our luxurious silk essentials and inspire every woman to experience the ageless beauty secrets of mulberry silk.

Our branding

Wholesome customer satisfaction is our optimal goal at SILKEDGED. We strategically placed our pillowcase branding out of your way because you deserve to fully enjoy the entire breadth of your silky-smooth pillowcase without running into any branding bumps. It's yours afterall!


Our mission is to offer sustainable and premium silk essentials at a phenomenal price to every woman, everywhere, so that she can feel empowered to embrace her natural beauty.

Our culture

At SILKEDGED, we believe in giving back to the community. It is our way of reciprocating kindness and appreciating nature for the gift of our mulberry silk. Our little efforts are geared towards being part of something meaningful and impactful. Consequently, 1% of our proceeds support girls and women in the global community.


We focus on quality.
We empower women.
We make it a positive experience.
We support the global community.
We respect your values.
We thrive on integrity.

Our future

Over the years, this quintessential pure mulberry silk fabric has distinguished itself as rare and eclectic rather than commonplace. Our future is graced with a rich repertoire of luxurious timeless pieces. Cheers to every woman with an exceedingly beautiful future who pursues beyond ordinary with us for a one-of-a-kind experience.