Mulberry Flair Woman (MFW)

Mulberry silk comes with a distinct flair that expressly preserves your natural beauty.

Every woman knows that beautiful hair and skin elicit total confidence. At SILKEDGED™, we understand this, and we are driven by our vision for women, irrespective of their uniqueness and differences, to experience the unrivaled benefits of pure mulberry silk.

Mulberry Flair Woman explores the diversity of women cutting across their ethnicity and individuality. We do not just represent any woman. We represent all women, everywhere, who have felt the dire need to preserve their beauty and femininity through contemporary and proven beauty solutions.

What is MFW?

Mulberry Flair Woman (MFW) is a quarterly edition that expressly features women - our customers in a unique and compelling way.

Who is an MFW?

A mulberry flair woman is a seasoned customer who shares her story in a compelling way, inspiring women like her.

What makes MFW unique?

MFW is an all-inclusive edition featuring everday women making little but transformative changes to their sleep health and beauty.

Becoming a Mulberry Flair Woman

It's easy to be your own mulberry silk influencer and beauty ambassador. It would be such an honor to feature you on every touchpoint we represent for an entire year. You are not just telling your story but you are inspiring every woman who reads your story by giving them a relatable experience.

If you want to be that woman who inspires beauty and creates a change, email us at to claim your spot in our 2025 MFW wall of fame.

To qualify to share your story, you must be a verified customer for a minimum of six months. Selected 2025 mulberry flair women will gain access to our exclusive elite lounge and receive perks for an entire year from the date selected.

All entries for 2025 MFW close on November 30th, 2024.