Mulberry Flair Woman

Beautiful hair and skin elicit total confidence. At SILKEDGED™, we understand this, and we are driven by our vision for women, irrespective of their uniqueness and differences, to experience the unrivaled benefits of silk. We believe that every woman was born beautiful and we want women, everywhere, to begin to appreciate and preserve their beauty.

Mulberry Flair Woman is a quarterly edition that features women - our customers - who have come to appreciate our premium mulberry silk's benefits to their overall health and beauty. 

We do not just represent any woman. We represent all women everywhere who have felt the dire need to preserve their beauty and femininity through easy yet effective self-care and beauty regimen.

Mulberry Flair Woman explores the diversity of women cutting across their ethnicity and individuality. We know the stories of these women could potentially be beneficial to someone out there looking for proven ways to manage their hair and skin health.

If you have a testimonial and you feel like your story would be an inspiration, please submit your request to feature in Mulberry Flair Woman at

Featured Stories Coming Soon

Our first through third quarter stories are phenomenal. It features ordinary women making little but consequential changes to their hair and skin beauty and health. Sign up for INSIDE SILKEDGED to be the first to take a peek and be inspired by their stories.