Unlocking the Secret to a Long and Luxurious Beauty Sleep: The Surprising Life Expectancy of Silk Pillowcases

Unlocking the Secret to a Long and Luxurious Beauty Sleep: The Surprising Life Expectancy of Silk Pillowcases

If you just received your luxurious silk pillowcase, you may be wondering how long it will last before it needs to be replaced.


Considering how much it costs to buy one, a silk pillowcase should last as long as possible, right? Absolutely! The awesome news is that silk has, over the years, distinguished itself as an extremely durable and fashionable fabric. So, it should thrill you to know that your silk essentials will remain in pristine condition for as long as nature allows it.


Let's dive in to see the facts about the longevity of silk.


Life Expectancy of Silk Pillowcases

Exactly how long will your silk pillowcase last before you need to replace it with a new one? Your silk pillowcase can last up to 3 years and even longer with proper care.  According to experts, the life expectancy of a silk pillowcase largely depends on its quality and maintenance.


A high-quality pillowcase from a reputable silk brand will outlive its low-quality counterpart because low-grade silk does not undergo the same rigorous process as grade 6A silk, which is the highest quality of pure mulberry silk.


Following the manufacturer's instructions for washing and drying your silk pillowcase is extremely necessary to preserve your silk because improper care could potentially damage the delicate network of silk threads and promote early wear and tear, subsequently reducing the life expectancy of your silk essentials.


Silk care instruction

 SilkEdged Mulberry Silk Company recommends hand washing your silk. Alternatively,  you could use a washer under specified settings.


With proper care, a silk pillowcase can provide long-lasting benefits for your hair and skin, making it a worthwhile investment for your sleep and beauty routine. 


Ways to Care for Your Silk Pillowcase

The first step in caring for your silk pillowcase is to read the care instructions provided by the manufacturer. Most silk pillowcases will come with specific instructions on how to properly wash and manage your silk. 


Since several factors could affect the lifespan of your silk pillowcase, it is highly recommended to adhere to the washing manual and care instruction insert, which should normally come along with your silk essentials.


Silk pillowcases should typically be hand-washed in cold water with gentle detergent because handwashing does not create excessive friction, which could lead to fraying of the silk fabric. Where it is not feasible to hand-wash your silk, you can wash it using a washing machine on a delicate cycle with gentle detergent in a mesh laundry bag separate from other fabrics.


How you care for your silk pillowcase boils down to your personal preference, and you should be fine as long as you can adhere to the manufacturer's silk guide.


If you prefer machine-washing your silk pillowcase, you should remember to avoid using hot water or dryer settings, as they can cause the silk fibers to break down, resulting in shrinkage and a loss of luster. Additionally, it is important to avoid using bleach while washing your silk, as bleach could damage the silk fibers. 


When it comes to drying your silk pillowcase, air drying is the best option. Gently shake off the excess water from the pillowcase and hang it up to dry, keeping it away from direct sunlight or heat sources, which can cause the silk fibers to weaken. Avoid wringing or twisting the pillowcase, as it can cause wrinkles and damage the network of your silk fabric.


If you need to straighten up your silk pillowcase and remove some wrinkles, do so with a steamer or iron set to the lowest setting, ironing inside-out.


These could seem like a lot of steps but following these simple care tips would make you enjoy the comfort and luxury of your silk pillowcase for years to come. 


Launder silk


Recommendation: Invest in High-quality Silk Pillowcase For Maximum Longevity

Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to purchasing a silk pillowcase. Investing in a high-quality option will ensure that you experience all of the full benefits it has to offer.


Cheap imitations might claim to be silk, but they definitely won't provide the same benefits as a high-quality silk pillowcase. Look for 100% pure mulberry silk, which is known for its durability and softness. Also, make sure it is OEKO-TEX® certified with Standard 100, meaning that it is free of toxins and harmful chemicals.


If you're looking for ultra-premium silk pillowcases, it's important to choose one with a high momme count. The momme count indicates the weight and thickness of the silk. However, it's important to note that a silk pillowcase that is too thick and heavy in momme weight may not provide the maximum breathability you're looking for in a pillowcase. For the ideal breathability, consider opting for a 22-momme silk pillowcase.


Authentic silk pillowcases are not only great for enriching your skin and hair while you sleep. They also have a natural ability to regulate temperature, keeping you cool during hot weather and warm during old weather, which means you won't have to adjust your pillows frequently to stay comfortable in the summer or winter months. Furthermore, silk is naturally resistant to dust mites and other allergens, making it an ideal option for people with sensitive skin.


Silk pillowcases are extremely versatile. They are available in various colors and sizes, which means you can easily find one that matches your bedding and fits your pillows perfectly. Moreover, many silk pillowcases are machine washable, so you can easily care for and maintain them.


Investing in a high-quality silk pillowcase is a game-changer for your health, beauty, and overall well-being. Following silk care best practices as indicated by your manufacturer would ultimately lead to a longer lifespan and greater satisfaction with your purchase.

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